Monday, February 21, 2011

A very VERY rough start of my Zombie Story

Have Fun reading my horrible writing lol.

Us, and them
And after all were only ordinary men.
Me, and you.
God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do.
Forward he cried from the rear
And the front rank died.
And the general sat and the lines on the map
Moved from side to side.
Black and blue
And who knows which is which and who is who.
Up and down.
But in the end it’s only round and round.
Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words
The poster bearer cried.
Listen son, said the man with the gun
There’s room for you inside.
Down and out
It can’t be helped but there’s a lot of it about.
With, without.
And wholl deny it’s what the fightings all about?
Out of the way, it’s a busy day
Ive got things on my mind.
For the want of the price of tea and a slice
The old man died.
- Us and Them – Pink Floyd

I woke up in a start. It was cold. Like REALLY cold. I guess the blanket must of fallen off while I was sleeping. The window was slightly ajar letting in the nights breeze. Luckily the light from the moon was enough that I could just make out my blanket at the foot of the bed, half on the floor. The synth from “Any Colour You Like” blaring in my ears.

Pink Floyd? The sudden change in tracks must’ve woke me. I rushed hurriedly for my covers, the darkness and the chill sinking in. God dammit, I’m still afraid after so long. Tears welled up when I grasped my comforter (Double meaning there). Yes! was all I could think as I pulled it up to sheild me from the cold and that feeling of danger that I just couldnt shake.

The blanket caught on something and I frantically pulled, but it wouldnt budge. And then I saw it. The dark black eyes peering at me from the darkness at the foot of the bed. I couldnt move or breathe. All I could was stare at it pleadingly.

The chill of the night air brushed against my skin and I shivered. It took all of my strength to pull away and close my eyes. When I opened them again it was gone. In its place was the stuffed bear my now ex-girlfriend bought me for valentines day.
I sighed, relieved. It was just that stupid bear.

By the time morning came around the blanket was on the floor again. The sunlight shining into my room blinding me forcibly awake.

I know i know no zombies yet but there are lots of hidden easter eggs that may be revealed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wow a week? Woah!

Yep its been a week. Hot diggity! haha. Time flies when you're occupied. Almost finished with my second week in school. So far it is very easy haha which is good. Unfortunately that will prolly change once I get into the second month or so. Thats normally when it seems to pick up.
Just recently got my songwriting bug back which is awesome. I'm having fun testing out different ways of recording myself and so far bathroom is the best. What you do is you take a bunch of towels and pillows (yes pillows) and put the pillows on all the surfaces (sink toilet). Close the shower and drape towels all over the place. Basically anywhere they will hang haha. What that does is the ripples in the towels and and the density of the pillows displaces the sound which reduces echo and and unwanted reverberations. Which gets a good clean sound hehe.
ZOMBIES. well my story is still on my old pc so Imma get that off eventually and show you guys lol. Speaking of Zombies... Follow that link. On the otherside is a a free to download Zombie Apocalypse Novella by a youtuber named John Green. It is very good and very entertaining and it is literally what gave me the idea to make the web site. It inspired me lol. It has a very unique take on Zombiism.

And here are some links to sites that house User created Zombie stories but are no where near what I have in mind for MY site. They still have some cool stories though.

Alas I must bid thee farewell Ladies and Old dude (<----- Dad lol :P). I love ya Guys Si Ja!
I know the post was kind of random... ohwell lol

Friday, February 11, 2011

    Hey guys no post for a while and I'm sorry for that. Not been too busy just forgot (lol). I am not really used to blogging so give me a bit. I can't make this one very long but I just wanted to update you guys. Just put "The Beatles" on my Pandora. I realized one day that I really don't know much by them (or have heard a lot and just didn't know it you know how that is) which is kind of weird and sad at the same time. I always like to be fresh with music in general (it's always kind of been my thing ha-ha). So when I realized that little bit of factualness I decided to educate myself. I listen to it while doing school work and such. The other reason I decided to listen to them a bunch all of a sudden is also because they are the most influential and famous band in the world. So there's got to be something they did right (lol).

    I like the awesome feedback about the Zombie story idea by the way (NOT you guys suck!). Tomorrow I will post some of mine for you, which should be fun. It has some major "Pink Floyd" references which is always a good thing. Some recommended listening would be "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Wish You Were Here"; two great albums (the latter is my favorite). Wouldn't suggest listening unless you are in a relaxing or thoughtful mood though (dark moods are good too unless you are really angry and if that is the case then I would prescribe some Metallica or MCR [surprisingly]).

    Anyways I have got to get back to "school" and I will post again tomorrow for sure so don't worry (J). I Love you guys! Si Ja!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday! And first day of school :)

    So I get woken up today at 6:08 in the AM by Matt (who is currently in Virginia). We chat for about an hour and forty minutes and I go back to sleep (that bastard haha). In so doing that he COMPLETELY messed up my plans of getting up at a reasonable time today; besides the fact that I had stayed up until 2 last night. So I ended up actually getting up and into the shower at the extremely lazy time of 1:00 in the afternoon. Once I got out of the shower I went straight to work on my classes. My plan is to do as much as possible while I have no job that way I am never in that situation where I might fall behind.

    I forgot to mention that the reason I was up so late last night was I had decided to complete my introductory lessons for my first two classes (which really helped me out today). My classes for right now include: Survey of "Computer Information Systems" (which is just a fancy way of saying "Welcome to PCs bro!") and "Internet/Web Development Level 1". They are prerequisites for the actual classes I WANT to take. I was able to finish this week's assignments today by about 8:30 (yay! Time flies when you are reading a TON of material). While I was doing that I listened to Pandora radio. If you do not currently use Pandora DO SO; it's pretty awesome (here's the link ). You pick an artist and it creates an entire free internet radio out of bands and songs of a similar style. It is meant to widen your musical knowledge and you can vote on whether you liked a certain song and it adjusts accordingly.

    Fun Stuff

    So I really do want to create a website full of Zombie Apocalypse short stories. It IS going to happen but I need short stories to kick it off in the right direction. I was thinking that I could get EVERYONE I knew who showed an interest in writing to write their own Zombie story with the purpose of being posted on this site I want to produce. Don't worry about any kind of deadline because I am not planning it until after summer probably (the extremely bare version of the site of course). Yes I am asking you, readers, to write for me haha.
I want to make this happen so contact me so we can get this going ;). I will be writing my own of course so don't feel left out :D.


That is it for today I promised myself I would go to bed early to get up early from now on (ugh lol). Love you guys Si Ja!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday AND Sunday in one!

    I am going to start at 2:00 on Friday. Why? Well, because at that time on Friday the power went out in the whole house. I was watching "RhettandLink" and my PC was the only thing on when all of a sudden no power. Now it's not like I'm not used to power outages but it got me thinking.

    Of course as you may know I did in fact tweet about said black out on Friday and I thought to myself: What if the whole world had just lost power right now? I have no way of knowing if that had happened. I have no TV to check the news and no Internet either unless you count my phone. But if the whole world lost power there wouldn't be many people updating. Then again, if the whole world lost power there probably wouldn't be any servers to support the internet. Which means bye-bye smart phone. The point is when I lost power I had no idea of knowing whether my house was the only one out or if it was the whole city and so on. Very interesting thought tangent and I thought I would share it.

    Now on to Saturday (which was yesterday); I woke up at 6:40 and took a shower (early I know).You may ask "why?" and I may tell you that it was because Aaron, Tawny and I had all planned to attend a Fly-in Breakfast. A Fly-in is a cool little event every Saturday morning where people from all around "Fly-in" to the Coolidge airport (shocking I know) using their own personal airplanes. Most of them fly a one seat or a single passenger plane and about 30-50 of them land and they prepare a monstrous breakfast for 7 bucks a person and it's donated to a charity. It's pretty cool to be able to talk to all the pilots and check out the planes. You should see if they have one near you guys.

    We left at around 9:30 to go and get my books for school in Tempe (REEEEEEAAAALLLLLYYY too far but I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for the mail). So we picked them up along with Microsoft Office 2010 because 4 of my 5 classes for the semester require it. The cost was $540 or so but I was able to obtain a Book Voucher for it, so it was free. A strange thing though; I have to take a "Windows" class (which will be a breeze) but the book for it says Windows 7 on it. I don't have windows 7. Don't know what I'll do about that.

    On our way back we decided to stop by Fry's Electronics just because we hadn't been in a while (gotta love computers hehe). When we got there and into the PC section Aaron got this strange look on his face whilst we were looking at a particular computer. We talked to a sales man and found out that they we actually out of that computer but they had a similar pc so we ended up purchasing that one instead. Aaron bought me a Computer!


When we got it home it updated completely and had to restart (which is normal) AND THEN HAD AN ERROR! "Windows has failed to launch please insert your windows disc to repair… If you do not have your Windows disc please contact your administrator or the manufacturer." WTF?!? They did not include a repair disc with the pc (because you can easily make one by burning it off of the hard drive. But I couldn't get into windows, Period). So we had to drive all the way back to Fry's Electronics in Tempe to return the damn thing (we were hoping to switch it out with the display which was much better anyway. But they wouldn't sell it to us at first because of some weird policy.)

    Long story made much shorter, we got the other computer. We dropped the 2 year extended warrantee and came out positive by 32 dollars (yay! I still have a year's worth of Manufacturers Warrantee.) My old PC had a 1.6 Ghz Processor, 1Gb of pc133 RAM, an Nvidia Geforce 4800 128Mb of Graphics Memory (yeah…) and other less favorable aspects. My NEW PC has 3.2 Ghz of Dual Core sweetness, 4 Gb of DDR3 RAM and 1600 Mb of Integrated Graphics. Now, I much more prefer a customizable machine (because this one is not because its tiny ) but I will take what I can get. OH! and it has Windows 7 Home Premium (which solves that problem). Aaron says he made the decision because he believes I NEED a good PC for school (it cost 454 Dollars).

    As far as today I have been writing this blog on and off all day and into the "Super Bowl" which I am still watching. The Black Eyed Peas just finished their Half-Time Show. They were pretty good and Slash and Usher joined; Good show in all. I have installed Microsoft Office 2010 and I am writing this blog in a new Blog feature built in and will automatically update. Really cool feature. Got to go though, second half is coming on. Green Bay is raping the Steelers lol. I Love You guys and I will post tomorrow hopefully. Si Ja! (hehe Si= yes in Spanish ja= yes in German but they sound like "see ya" when put together)


Just heard the Green Bay QB is out because of a shoulder injury. Does that equal a comeback for the Steelers? Hmm… lol Love Ya Si Ja!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday is a good day to start... Right?

Welcome Family and Friends to my very first blog about me and for you! I have wanted to start this up for awhile now; but you know me and my procrastination skills and how truly amazing they are.
I had wanted to start this directly after New Years' as part of a multi-part resolution, but never got around to it. Nonetheless here I am sitting in my computer chair, curled up into a ball and uncomfortably typing away. I wanted to make this blog (and hopefully maintain it) so we (you and I) could keep in touch better. I feel as though it would help me in my bad cases of noncomm(or non-communication but I like noncomm). So without further adeiu(adu? ado? isn't adeiu french for something? Bye? I think it does. Ado, then lol) Let me fill ya in here.

Over the past couple of weeks(like since Nov.) I have been wrestling with the world and trying my darned'est to get into an online school here called Rio Salado. They provide pure online school and not that version of online where you still have to go some where to take a stupid test in person either. PURE online(Perfect Universal Really-Awesome-Online Education in case you were wondering).

The point is after many re-emailings of tax information and over 15 calls from yours truly on Feb. 2nd It was finally confirmed that I would receive Financial Aid for schooling. So the same day I went ahead and called advisement and figured out my schedule and what classes I was to take. Now to fill you in on a little piece of info, I am attending Rio Salado for a Cert. in Web Design.

I know what you're thinking... You're thinking one of five things:

1.) Web Design? weird... What happened to music production?
2.) Rio Salado? What happened to CAC? (Central Arizona College)
3.) A Certificate? that's not very prestigious...
4.) How can you start school so late in the semester?
5.) okay so I could only think of four... shuddup..

Answer one:
I am still interested in Music Production but there are no good schools here and I am not really ready to move to like LA to go to school just yet haha. Besides that Web Design is VERY important to learn at least a little bit of in my opinion if you ever want to run a small business or run a web site of any kind. And truthfully I have MANY Ideas for websites.

A.) A Social networking site completely based around Zombies. The whole purpose being a place where people can write their own Zombie Apocalypse stories and post them for all to see. :) I Love Zombies.
B.) A Web Comic for Jorge The Dino-Robo-Man. I have always wanted to have a site for that and maybe others too.
C.) Etc

Answer 2:
I owe CAC 400 dollars currently.... yeah. And Rio Salado has better online and transfers to ASU and to more schools in General.

Answer 3:
The Cert, can go on into an associates and on into a bachelors at ASU. Its TRANSFORMABLE! (Truly Really Awesomely Seriously For Obtuse Rhinoceros' Mainly Because Lions Excite.... ummm that one doesn't make sense)

Answer 4:
Rio Salado has 48 different possible start dates throughout the year. I start on the 7th.

Answer 5:
I think that's most of the possible questions.

So yeah that's where I am going and what I am doing. Besides school I am still wholeheartedly playing guitar and video games. I just recently learned how to play So Much To Say, Satellite, and Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band on Guitar. My Favorite Songs to play and sing right now are If I ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly, Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra/Nat King Cole (not sure which), Satellite, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and that's it right now I think.

I am still jobless but looking lol. Hopefully will find a decent job soon.

Before I go I want to remind you that I am very much into YouTube and the people on it. And I wanted to give you a list of some recommended Youtubers. (BTW The names are Links to their pages. ;-])

NicePeter: He does music, Picture Songs, Epic Rap Battles Of History and etc. Really good Musician and funny dude.

GiveMeMotion:Real name Dante. He some times collabs with NicePeter(That Guy ^^^^^^^^^ above) and shares a studio with him. He is more of just a straight musician and is pretty good.

RhettandLink: They make entertaining videos with lots of one thing (600 pillows, 222 shirts etc) as well as creating shoes that I WANT called the Mythical Shoe! The also do a morning little talkshowstyle show called Good Morning Chia Lincoln that I like a lot on their second channel "RhettandLink2".

Tobuscus: Real Name TobyTurner (also name of second channel where he Does Vlogs). He is probably My favorite. He does literal trailers (takes movie and video game trailers and sings to what is literally happening), Cute Win Fail and a bunch of just funny videos.

Theres more but I'll recommend the rest later lol.

In conclusion I am hoping to post once a day around evening time. That way we can be in better contact! I hope that my strange knowledge of the many youtubers isn't weird. What IS weird is that there are about ten I DIDN'T mention lol. The point is I Love You Guys and it would be cool if you guys Blogged too! An easy way to start is to just start typing.

More to come!