Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wow a week? Woah!

Yep its been a week. Hot diggity! haha. Time flies when you're occupied. Almost finished with my second week in school. So far it is very easy haha which is good. Unfortunately that will prolly change once I get into the second month or so. Thats normally when it seems to pick up.
Just recently got my songwriting bug back which is awesome. I'm having fun testing out different ways of recording myself and so far bathroom is the best. What you do is you take a bunch of towels and pillows (yes pillows) and put the pillows on all the surfaces (sink toilet). Close the shower and drape towels all over the place. Basically anywhere they will hang haha. What that does is the ripples in the towels and and the density of the pillows displaces the sound which reduces echo and and unwanted reverberations. Which gets a good clean sound hehe.
ZOMBIES. well my story is still on my old pc so Imma get that off eventually and show you guys lol. Speaking of Zombies... Follow that link. On the otherside is a a free to download Zombie Apocalypse Novella by a youtuber named John Green. It is very good and very entertaining and it is literally what gave me the idea to make the web site. It inspired me lol. It has a very unique take on Zombiism.

And here are some links to sites that house User created Zombie stories but are no where near what I have in mind for MY site. They still have some cool stories though.

Alas I must bid thee farewell Ladies and Old dude (<----- Dad lol :P). I love ya Guys Si Ja!
I know the post was kind of random... ohwell lol

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  1. Old dude??? You young'ins need to learn some respect fer yer elders, see?