Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday is a good day to start... Right?

Welcome Family and Friends to my very first blog about me and for you! I have wanted to start this up for awhile now; but you know me and my procrastination skills and how truly amazing they are.
I had wanted to start this directly after New Years' as part of a multi-part resolution, but never got around to it. Nonetheless here I am sitting in my computer chair, curled up into a ball and uncomfortably typing away. I wanted to make this blog (and hopefully maintain it) so we (you and I) could keep in touch better. I feel as though it would help me in my bad cases of noncomm(or non-communication but I like noncomm). So without further adeiu(adu? ado? isn't adeiu french for something? Bye? I think it does. Ado, then lol) Let me fill ya in here.

Over the past couple of weeks(like since Nov.) I have been wrestling with the world and trying my darned'est to get into an online school here called Rio Salado. They provide pure online school and not that version of online where you still have to go some where to take a stupid test in person either. PURE online(Perfect Universal Really-Awesome-Online Education in case you were wondering).

The point is after many re-emailings of tax information and over 15 calls from yours truly on Feb. 2nd It was finally confirmed that I would receive Financial Aid for schooling. So the same day I went ahead and called advisement and figured out my schedule and what classes I was to take. Now to fill you in on a little piece of info, I am attending Rio Salado for a Cert. in Web Design.

I know what you're thinking... You're thinking one of five things:

1.) Web Design? weird... What happened to music production?
2.) Rio Salado? What happened to CAC? (Central Arizona College)
3.) A Certificate? that's not very prestigious...
4.) How can you start school so late in the semester?
5.) okay so I could only think of four... shuddup..

Answer one:
I am still interested in Music Production but there are no good schools here and I am not really ready to move to like LA to go to school just yet haha. Besides that Web Design is VERY important to learn at least a little bit of in my opinion if you ever want to run a small business or run a web site of any kind. And truthfully I have MANY Ideas for websites.

A.) A Social networking site completely based around Zombies. The whole purpose being a place where people can write their own Zombie Apocalypse stories and post them for all to see. :) I Love Zombies.
B.) A Web Comic for Jorge The Dino-Robo-Man. I have always wanted to have a site for that and maybe others too.
C.) Etc

Answer 2:
I owe CAC 400 dollars currently.... yeah. And Rio Salado has better online and transfers to ASU and to more schools in General.

Answer 3:
The Cert, can go on into an associates and on into a bachelors at ASU. Its TRANSFORMABLE! (Truly Really Awesomely Seriously For Obtuse Rhinoceros' Mainly Because Lions Excite.... ummm that one doesn't make sense)

Answer 4:
Rio Salado has 48 different possible start dates throughout the year. I start on the 7th.

Answer 5:
I think that's most of the possible questions.

So yeah that's where I am going and what I am doing. Besides school I am still wholeheartedly playing guitar and video games. I just recently learned how to play So Much To Say, Satellite, and Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band on Guitar. My Favorite Songs to play and sing right now are If I ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly, Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra/Nat King Cole (not sure which), Satellite, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and that's it right now I think.

I am still jobless but looking lol. Hopefully will find a decent job soon.

Before I go I want to remind you that I am very much into YouTube and the people on it. And I wanted to give you a list of some recommended Youtubers. (BTW The names are Links to their pages. ;-])

NicePeter: He does music, Picture Songs, Epic Rap Battles Of History and etc. Really good Musician and funny dude.

GiveMeMotion:Real name Dante. He some times collabs with NicePeter(That Guy ^^^^^^^^^ above) and shares a studio with him. He is more of just a straight musician and is pretty good.

RhettandLink: They make entertaining videos with lots of one thing (600 pillows, 222 shirts etc) as well as creating shoes that I WANT called the Mythical Shoe! The also do a morning little talkshowstyle show called Good Morning Chia Lincoln that I like a lot on their second channel "RhettandLink2".

Tobuscus: Real Name TobyTurner (also name of second channel where he Does Vlogs). He is probably My favorite. He does literal trailers (takes movie and video game trailers and sings to what is literally happening), Cute Win Fail and a bunch of just funny videos.

Theres more but I'll recommend the rest later lol.

In conclusion I am hoping to post once a day around evening time. That way we can be in better contact! I hope that my strange knowledge of the many youtubers isn't weird. What IS weird is that there are about ten I DIDN'T mention lol. The point is I Love You Guys and it would be cool if you guys Blogged too! An easy way to start is to just start typing.

More to come!


  1. OMiGosh! You have a BLOG? I have a blog, too!!!

    Cheque it out! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your first blog, but go back and examine your answer re: why web design. I think you meant you're still interested in Music Production. And yes, you can edit your blog posts. :-)

  2. Hey Spence....i have a blog as well, stop on by sometime and check it out hun...hugs and love,