Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday AND Sunday in one!

    I am going to start at 2:00 on Friday. Why? Well, because at that time on Friday the power went out in the whole house. I was watching "RhettandLink" and my PC was the only thing on when all of a sudden no power. Now it's not like I'm not used to power outages but it got me thinking.

    Of course as you may know I did in fact tweet about said black out on Friday and I thought to myself: What if the whole world had just lost power right now? I have no way of knowing if that had happened. I have no TV to check the news and no Internet either unless you count my phone. But if the whole world lost power there wouldn't be many people updating. Then again, if the whole world lost power there probably wouldn't be any servers to support the internet. Which means bye-bye smart phone. The point is when I lost power I had no idea of knowing whether my house was the only one out or if it was the whole city and so on. Very interesting thought tangent and I thought I would share it.

    Now on to Saturday (which was yesterday); I woke up at 6:40 and took a shower (early I know).You may ask "why?" and I may tell you that it was because Aaron, Tawny and I had all planned to attend a Fly-in Breakfast. A Fly-in is a cool little event every Saturday morning where people from all around "Fly-in" to the Coolidge airport (shocking I know) using their own personal airplanes. Most of them fly a one seat or a single passenger plane and about 30-50 of them land and they prepare a monstrous breakfast for 7 bucks a person and it's donated to a charity. It's pretty cool to be able to talk to all the pilots and check out the planes. You should see if they have one near you guys.

    We left at around 9:30 to go and get my books for school in Tempe (REEEEEEAAAALLLLLYYY too far but I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for the mail). So we picked them up along with Microsoft Office 2010 because 4 of my 5 classes for the semester require it. The cost was $540 or so but I was able to obtain a Book Voucher for it, so it was free. A strange thing though; I have to take a "Windows" class (which will be a breeze) but the book for it says Windows 7 on it. I don't have windows 7. Don't know what I'll do about that.

    On our way back we decided to stop by Fry's Electronics just because we hadn't been in a while (gotta love computers hehe). When we got there and into the PC section Aaron got this strange look on his face whilst we were looking at a particular computer. We talked to a sales man and found out that they we actually out of that computer but they had a similar pc so we ended up purchasing that one instead. Aaron bought me a Computer!


When we got it home it updated completely and had to restart (which is normal) AND THEN HAD AN ERROR! "Windows has failed to launch please insert your windows disc to repair… If you do not have your Windows disc please contact your administrator or the manufacturer." WTF?!? They did not include a repair disc with the pc (because you can easily make one by burning it off of the hard drive. But I couldn't get into windows, Period). So we had to drive all the way back to Fry's Electronics in Tempe to return the damn thing (we were hoping to switch it out with the display which was much better anyway. But they wouldn't sell it to us at first because of some weird policy.)

    Long story made much shorter, we got the other computer. We dropped the 2 year extended warrantee and came out positive by 32 dollars (yay! I still have a year's worth of Manufacturers Warrantee.) My old PC had a 1.6 Ghz Processor, 1Gb of pc133 RAM, an Nvidia Geforce 4800 128Mb of Graphics Memory (yeah…) and other less favorable aspects. My NEW PC has 3.2 Ghz of Dual Core sweetness, 4 Gb of DDR3 RAM and 1600 Mb of Integrated Graphics. Now, I much more prefer a customizable machine (because this one is not because its tiny ) but I will take what I can get. OH! and it has Windows 7 Home Premium (which solves that problem). Aaron says he made the decision because he believes I NEED a good PC for school (it cost 454 Dollars).

    As far as today I have been writing this blog on and off all day and into the "Super Bowl" which I am still watching. The Black Eyed Peas just finished their Half-Time Show. They were pretty good and Slash and Usher joined; Good show in all. I have installed Microsoft Office 2010 and I am writing this blog in a new Blog feature built in and will automatically update. Really cool feature. Got to go though, second half is coming on. Green Bay is raping the Steelers lol. I Love You guys and I will post tomorrow hopefully. Si Ja! (hehe Si= yes in Spanish ja= yes in German but they sound like "see ya" when put together)


Just heard the Green Bay QB is out because of a shoulder injury. Does that equal a comeback for the Steelers? Hmm… lol Love Ya Si Ja!

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  1. Late in reading this... Good to hear you got a new machine. I would try to keep the old one around for gaming purposes and what not, but that's me. :-)