Friday, February 11, 2011

    Hey guys no post for a while and I'm sorry for that. Not been too busy just forgot (lol). I am not really used to blogging so give me a bit. I can't make this one very long but I just wanted to update you guys. Just put "The Beatles" on my Pandora. I realized one day that I really don't know much by them (or have heard a lot and just didn't know it you know how that is) which is kind of weird and sad at the same time. I always like to be fresh with music in general (it's always kind of been my thing ha-ha). So when I realized that little bit of factualness I decided to educate myself. I listen to it while doing school work and such. The other reason I decided to listen to them a bunch all of a sudden is also because they are the most influential and famous band in the world. So there's got to be something they did right (lol).

    I like the awesome feedback about the Zombie story idea by the way (NOT you guys suck!). Tomorrow I will post some of mine for you, which should be fun. It has some major "Pink Floyd" references which is always a good thing. Some recommended listening would be "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Wish You Were Here"; two great albums (the latter is my favorite). Wouldn't suggest listening unless you are in a relaxing or thoughtful mood though (dark moods are good too unless you are really angry and if that is the case then I would prescribe some Metallica or MCR [surprisingly]).

    Anyways I have got to get back to "school" and I will post again tomorrow for sure so don't worry (J). I Love you guys! Si Ja!

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  1. I commented on your blogs the other day. Hope everything is going well with college. Don't be a stranger, stranger.