Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday! And first day of school :)

    So I get woken up today at 6:08 in the AM by Matt (who is currently in Virginia). We chat for about an hour and forty minutes and I go back to sleep (that bastard haha). In so doing that he COMPLETELY messed up my plans of getting up at a reasonable time today; besides the fact that I had stayed up until 2 last night. So I ended up actually getting up and into the shower at the extremely lazy time of 1:00 in the afternoon. Once I got out of the shower I went straight to work on my classes. My plan is to do as much as possible while I have no job that way I am never in that situation where I might fall behind.

    I forgot to mention that the reason I was up so late last night was I had decided to complete my introductory lessons for my first two classes (which really helped me out today). My classes for right now include: Survey of "Computer Information Systems" (which is just a fancy way of saying "Welcome to PCs bro!") and "Internet/Web Development Level 1". They are prerequisites for the actual classes I WANT to take. I was able to finish this week's assignments today by about 8:30 (yay! Time flies when you are reading a TON of material). While I was doing that I listened to Pandora radio. If you do not currently use Pandora DO SO; it's pretty awesome (here's the link ). You pick an artist and it creates an entire free internet radio out of bands and songs of a similar style. It is meant to widen your musical knowledge and you can vote on whether you liked a certain song and it adjusts accordingly.

    Fun Stuff

    So I really do want to create a website full of Zombie Apocalypse short stories. It IS going to happen but I need short stories to kick it off in the right direction. I was thinking that I could get EVERYONE I knew who showed an interest in writing to write their own Zombie story with the purpose of being posted on this site I want to produce. Don't worry about any kind of deadline because I am not planning it until after summer probably (the extremely bare version of the site of course). Yes I am asking you, readers, to write for me haha.
I want to make this happen so contact me so we can get this going ;). I will be writing my own of course so don't feel left out :D.


That is it for today I promised myself I would go to bed early to get up early from now on (ugh lol). Love you guys Si Ja!

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  1. Survey of CIS is pretty interesting... YOu'll learn more about PC history than you'll ever need, but the parts about using Office and Windows and what not are handy, because you'll learn a few things you didn't already know.

    We all have used Pandora here, but I also know they have a monthly bandwidth limit, so watch out for that. Good site, though.

    ZOMBIES!!! Yes, I would love to write some zombie stuff. I could also proofread/edit anyone else's stories, if they like. I have a suggestion, though: Open it up to also include artwork, and maybe also have a play-by-post forum. It would allow several of us to interact much like roleplaying and do a cooperative story. If you don't want to host it or create it yourself, you could always set it up on an established forum site and just link to it off yours. ...Or set it up as a feed to your site. Woohoo! Zombies!